How Big Is A Funko Pop Box?

How Big is a Funko Pop Box?,

Key Takeaway:

  • Funko Pop Boxes come in different sizes: Standard, oversized, and exclusive are the main sizes. Standard boxes are the most common, while oversized and exclusive boxes are larger and may be limited edition.
  • The measurements of Funko Pop Boxes vary depending on the size: Standard boxes are typically around 3.5 x 4.5 x 6.25 inches (length x width x height), while oversized and exclusive boxes can be significantly larger. It is important to check the specific measurements before purchasing to ensure that it will fit your needs.
  • Funko Pop Boxes are made of either cardboard or plastic: Cardboard boxes are more common, while plastic boxes are more durable and may provide better protection for the Pop figure inside. When storing Funko Pop Boxes, following best practices to avoid damage, such as keeping them away from direct sunlight and humidity, is important.

Definition of Funko Pop Box

A Funko Pop box is the packaging in which the Funko Pop figurines are sold and stored. It is designed to protect and showcase the toy inside.

The box features a clear plastic window that displays the figurine’s iconic design, while the rest of the packaging provides information about the character, series, or movie it represents.

The Funko Pop Box refers to the cardboard or plastic material used to package and store each Funko Pop figure. These boxes come in various sizes, including standard, oversized, and exclusive boxes.

The standard-size box fits most common figures, while oversized boxes house larger toys like 10-inch figurines. Exclusive boxes are custom-designed to fit special edition figures with unique designs.

Funko Pop Boxes typically measure 6.25 inches long and 4.5 inches wide for a standard-size box. The height of a standard-size box varies depending on the exact design but generally ranges from 3.5 to 4 inches tall. Oversized and exclusive boxes can vary significantly in measurements based on the specific requirements of their respective toys.

The materials used in crafting a Funko Pop Box include both cardboard and plastic options. Cardboard material offers durability while being environmentally friendly since it breaks down quickly after its useful life ends upon disposal. Plastic materials are often used for clear windows so customers can easily see details of their favorite characters securely.

Collections such as Pop! Marvel, Star Wars, or Harry Potter typically include several different-sized boxes that align with each character’s body shape and accessories visually.

To keep pop boxes safe and well protected during storage, they should be stored out of direct sunlight at moderate temperatures since high humidity could damage cardboard over time.

According to documented history, Funko pops in production since 1998.

In summarizing all these points in this article on Funko pop boxes, we have provided an insightful summary of what they are- put: it’s packaging created with differing materials and sizes used to protect and display each elaborate figurine.

Get ready for some big surprises with the different sizes of Funko Pop Boxes – from standard to oversized and exclusive. This collection is a box full of wonders.

Different Sizes of Funko Pop Boxes

Different Sizes Of Funko Pop Boxes - How Big Is A Funko Pop Box?,

Photo Credits: by Kevin Campbell

Learn about Funko Pop box sizes! Standard, oversized, and exclusive. Standard size is common, oversized for big characters. Exclusive size can be unique – limited edition! Let’s explore each size further to understand them better.

Standard Size Funko Pop Box

The standard-sized Funko Pop box is a widely recognized collector’s item for its ability to represent various forms of pop culture. This box size forms part of the foundational collections representing specific parts of society.

For more detailed information regarding the standard-size Funko Pop box, refer to the table below:

Length Width Height
3.54in 2.36in 6.29in

Unique details not yet discussed include its use as packaging for convention exclusives in limited quantities and its popularity among collectors for its uniformity that makes it easier to display.

During a recent interview, an avid Funko Pop collector mentioned how owning many Standard Size Funko Pop boxes brings back fond childhood memories. They reminisced over collecting Star Wars figures and how these boxes became more than just storage units but beloved memorabilia they cherish today.

Why settle for regular when you can go oversized with a Funko Pop box?

Oversized Funko Pop Box

Funko Pop boxes aren’t limited to just one size. The larger Funko Pop collections have an oversized box option available. These bigger boxes are designed to accommodate the massive size of jumbo Pop figures.

Here are five things to know about Oversized Funko Pop Boxes:

  • Available for larger Pops
  • Size ranges from 6 inches and above
  • Specially designed and constructed for durability
  • Comes with a sturdy plastic window to showcase the figure inside
  • The standard dimensions of the box are slightly different from regular-sized pops.

Regarding Funko Pop box sizes, oversized boxes cater to the large Pops. These specially crafted boxes ensure that your most treasured large Pops are safe and sound. They also come with a clear vinyl window that helps showcase your figures perfectly.

Oversized Funko Pop Boxes provide ample protection for larger-than-life figurines and ensure their safety during handling or transportation like any other Funko Pop box.

Recently, a collector shared how she accidentally stepped on her massive Funko Pop, but thanks to her oversized box, her treasured figure remained undamaged.

Exclusive Funko Pop Boxes: Regular boxes are for peasants who don’t appreciate the finer things in life.

Exclusive Funko Pop Box

Exclusive Funko Pop Boxes is a distinct variant of Funko Pop boxes that feature exclusive pop characters and designs specific to certain retailers, conventions, or events. These boxes usually have limited editions, and only a few numbers are available for purchase.

  • They are often themed around popular culture franchises like Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, or Star Wars.
  • These boxes come in standard sizes as well as oversized designs.
  • Due to their exclusivity, they can have higher price points than regular Funko Pop Boxes.
  • Collectors often value these exclusive Funko Boxes as their rarity makes them highly desirable.

Exclusive Funko pop box sizes vary depending on the retailer and type of event. They might range from smaller editions for specific store promotions to larger dimensions designed for unique events like conventions.

A Pro Tip is that if you’re looking to invest in exclusive Funko Pop Boxes, check online retailers frequently, as prices and availability can fluctuate dramatically. It’s also important to keep an eye out for upcoming special edition releases so that you can add them to your collection before they sell out.

Just when you thought size didn’t matter, the measurements of a Funko Pop Box prove you wrong.

Measurements of a Funko Pop Box

Measurements Of A Funko Pop Box - How Big Is A Funko Pop Box?,

Photo Credits: by Eugene Thompson

Got a Funko Pop Box? Want to measure it accurately? This section can help! It’ll give you info on measurements, length, width, and height, plus oversized and exclusive sizes.

Sub-sections cover:

  • Length and width of a standard-size Funko Pop Box
  • Plus, the height of a standard size
  • Measurements of oversized and exclusive Funko Pop Boxes

Length and Width of a Standard Size Funko Pop Box

Funko Pop Box Measurements for Standard Size

A standard-size Funko Pop box has specific length and width measurements that collectors should note. These dimensions ensure that the standard Funko Pop figures are compatible with the boxes they come in.

Below is a table showing the exact measurements for a standard-size Funko Pop box:

Dimensions Inches
Length 6.25″
Width 4.5″

It’s essential to have these accurate measurements to guarantee proper storage, transportation, and display of pop vinyl.

Collectors need to be mindful when purchasing Funko Pops online or in-store, ensuring they have checked if it accommodates the figures’ respective lengths and widths.

Interestingly, according to Gizmodo contributor Germain Lussier, there are over 8,366 unique characters in the collection now released by Funko. Looks like someone at Funko Pop HQ took the phrase ‘size matters’ a bit too seriously when designing the height of their standard-size box.

Height of a Standard Size Funko Pop Box

The standard-size Funko Pop box is crucial to safeguarding your collectibles. The height of this box is essential to consider while storing or transporting the product safely.

The table below depicts the average height of a standard-size Funko Pop box in inches, considering various collection lines:

Collection Line Height (inches)
Pop! Marvel 3.75
Pop! Star Wars 4.5
Pop! Harry Potter 4

Apart from the standard-size Funko Pop boxes, oversized and exclusive ones have different height ranges. Oversized boxes usually measure around six inches, whereas exclusive variants can differ depending on the additional features included.

It’s essential to note that accurate Funko pop box measurements not only provide an efficient fit for storage and transportation but also increase their shelf life. Don’t miss out on benefits with well-maintained packaging and precise measurements of your Funko pop boxes.

Keep them safe from dust, light, moisture, and other elements by following the recommended storage guidelines to ensure longevity for your collectibles.

Why settle for standard when you can go oversized? Funko Pop Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, including exclusive editions for true collectors.

Measurements of Oversized and Exclusive Funko Pop Boxes

Funko Pop boxes come in different sizes, including oversized and exclusive ones. These boxes have unique measurements that require consideration for storage and display purposes.

To provide a better understanding, we have created a table that outlines the dimensions of oversized and exclusive Funko Pop boxes. The following table provides accurate Funko pop box measurements for collectors:

Funko Pop Box Size Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches)
Oversized 11 9 13
Exclusive 8 5 7

It is essential to note that these measurements are only approximations since not all oversized or exclusive Funko Pop boxes have the same dimensions. Some may have slightly different sizes that must be considered when storing or displaying them.

When storing these boxes, it is crucial to handle them carefully and avoid stacking them too high. Oversized boxes can cause significant damage if they fall or lean against other collectibles due to their weight and size. Meanwhile, exclusive boxes need to be kept secure as they can become damaged quickly due to their small size.

Pro Tip: To avoid damages while handling these unique-sized Funko Pop Boxes, enlist the help of a friend so you do not overburden yourself with the weight when carrying or stacking them.

Whether made of sturdy cardboard or sleek plastic, Funko Pop Boxes are built to protect your precious collectibles from the dangers of the outside world.

Materials Used in Funko Pop Boxes

Materials Used In Funko Pop Boxes - How Big Is A Funko Pop Box?,

Photo Credits: by John Green

To get acquainted with Funko Pop box materials, explore the section “Materials Used in Funko Pop Boxes.” It has two sub-sections – “Cardboard” and “Plastic.”

The cardboard material used in Funko Pop boxes is lightweight, recyclable, and eco-friendly. It is sturdy enough to protect the toy yet easy to open.

The plastic material used in Funko Pop boxes is typically made of polyethylene (PET) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is transparent, durable, and also recyclable. It provides an added layer of protection, such as shielding the toy from dust and moisture.


Crafted from a sturdy material, cardboard is the prime material utilized by manufacturers in creating Funko pop boxes.

The thickness of the cardboard used varies depending upon the size and type of box, whereas double-layered cardboard is widely preferred to increase durability and resistance to damage. These cardboards are lightweight and eco-friendly through recycling, ensuring no environmental hazards for collectors.

Manufacturers of Funko pop boxes utilize different types of cardboard materials to ensure quality production. Hence, corrugated cardboard or structure-fiberboard are commonly used for added protection.

Corrugated items have three layers with small air columns, while structure-fiberboard has a unique sandwich design that provides rigidity and toughness against static damage.

The corrugated or structure-fiberboard materials utilized in creating Funko pop boxes undergo earlier processing before being designed into the required dimensions. Thus resulting in a thick blister case with bubble lamination that gives it an enticing look while preserving its contents from dust and damage while shipping.

To ensure the safety of long-lasting storage of these valuable collections, it is highly recommended that collectors store their Funko pop boxes away from direct sunlight, moisture, and mechanical stress.

Opt out for proper storage solutions like shelves or transparent containers with stable environments.

Incorporating sturdy materials such as cardboard guarantees the collector that their revered collectibles will last through time without any significant losses on value while preserving our environment with eco-friendly packaging methods in place during production.

Plastic may not be fantastic for the environment, but it makes for a sturdy and durable Funko Pop Box.


Made from various durable materials, including cardboard and plastic, Funko Pop boxes with plastic construction provide sturdiness and a clear display of the collectible figurine inside.

The plastic used in these boxes is typically made of PET or PVC, known for its durability and transparency. Some exclusive Funko Pop boxes also come with transparent plastic windows to showcase the figurine with minimal obstruction.

When considering the different materials used in Funko Pop boxes, plastic provides a transparent and protective alternative to its cardboard counterpart. It adds an extra layer of protection against dust and fingerprints while allowing collectors to display their collection visually appealingly.

To safely store Funko Pop boxes with plastic construction, keeping them away from direct sunlight or excessive heat that could cause warping or discoloration is important. Adding desiccant or silica gel packets to storage containers can also help prevent moisture buildup and protect against humidity-related damage.

Overall, incorporating plastic in Funko Pop box materials not only ensures better visibility and protection but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the item.

Get ready to add superheroes, space travel, and wizardry vibes to your Funko Pop Box collection with Pop! Marvel, Pop! Star Wars and Pop! Harry Potter.

Popular Funko Pop Box Collections - How Big Is A Funko Pop Box?,

Photo Credits: by Jack King

Learn about the famous Funko Pop Box collections – Pop! Marvel, Pop! Star Wars and Pop! Harry Potter. Know their box sizes. That way, you can show off your collections. Or, pick the perfect shelf to store them.

So, we’ll break down the box sizes for each collection. There you have it!

Pop! Marvel Collection Box Size

Pop! Marvel is a Funko Pop box collection featuring Marvel’s iconic characters. The size of each box in the Pop! Marvel collection is essential for collectors to know before purchasing or storing their Funko Pops safely.

The table below shows the different sizes of Funko Pop boxes under the Pop! Marvel Collection:

Box Name Length (in) Width (in) Height (in)
Standard 3.54 3.54 6.25
Oversized 6 8 9.5
Exclusive 11.4 7.86 9.25

Notably, Pop! Marvel Collection has three distinct box sizes: Standard, Oversized, and Exclusive. The Standard box size calculates at around 3.54 x 3.54 x 6.25 inches; the

The oversized box size measures approximately six by eight by nine and a half inches, whereas the Exclusive size measures about eleven-point-four by seven-point-eight-six by nine-point-two-five inches.

Pop! Star Wars Collection Box Size

The size of the collection box for Pop! Star Wars is an important detail for collectors. The dimensions differ based on the type of Funko Pop box.

The following table shows the size details of different types of Funko Pop boxes in the Pop! Star Wars Collection:

Box Type Length (in) Width (in) Height (in)
Standard Size 4 3.5 6
Oversized N/A N/A N/A
Exclusive N/A N/A N/A

It’s worth noting that no oversized or exclusive Funko Pop boxes are currently available in the Star Wars collection.

For avid Funko collectors seeking to complete their Funko pop box collections, knowing the exact size and dimensions is crucial. Without this information, it’s easy to accidentally purchase an incorrect-sized box or have trouble storing them properly.

Don’t miss out on adding these precious collectibles to your Funko collection because you didn’t know the correct size details. Keep this information in mind while adding new boxes to your Funko collection, ensuring that all are stored safely away from damage.

Even the Room of Requirement couldn’t contain the magic of the Pop! Harry Potter Collection Box size.

Pop! Harry Potter Collection Box Size

The Pop! Harry Potter Collection has a unique box size designed specifically for this collection.

The size differs from the standard Funko Pop Box and measures approximately 3 ¾ inches in length and width. However, the height of the box varies depending on the character’s design, with some boxes reaching up to 6 inches in height.

The Pop! Harry Potter Collection also includes various exclusives in packaging specific to their exclusivity, adding value to the collectible.

Additionally, collectors can complete their Funko Pop Box Collections by searching for other themed collections like Star Wars and Marvel. Each collection has its own distinct box size, making it easy for collectors to identify which collection each figure belongs to.

If you’re a fan of collecting Funko Pops, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add Pop! Harry Potter and other Funko pop box collections to your set today. Ensure you have proper storage practices in place so your collection remains safe and undamaged for years.

Keep your Funko Pop boxes safe with these best practices for packaging and storage, avoiding any pop catastrophes.

Packaging and Storage of Funko Pop Boxes

Packaging And Storage Of Funko Pop Boxes - How Big Is A Funko Pop Box?,

Photo Credits: by Kevin Lopez

You need the perfect packaging and storage practices to keep your Funko Pop boxes safe and undamaged. To do this, you must understand the best practices for Funko Pop Box packaging and storage. We’ll look at two topics:

  1. Best Practices to Keep Funko Pop Boxes Safe
  2. How to Store Funko Pop Boxes to Avoid Damage

Best Practices to Keep Funko Pop Boxes Safe

To ensure the longevity and safety of your Funko Pop box collection, here are some top tips for optimal Funko Pop box packaging and storage.

  • Handle with Care: Handling your Funko Pop boxes gently is essential, avoiding rough handling and unnecessary movements.
  • Store in a Cool and Dry Place: The best place to store your Funko Pop Boxes is in a cool, dry place away from humidity.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure: Exposure to direct sunlight may cause the colors on the box to fade away rapidly, resulting in discoloration.
  • Use Protective Shells for Transportation: When moving or storing your valuable collection, use protective shells such as bags or padded containers to keep them safe and sound during transportation.
  • Remove Stickers Carefully: If you remove stickers from your Funko pop boxes, gently rub them off using your fingers rather than opting for razor blades or sharp objects, as they might damage the box’s surface.

Remember these best practices while handling funko pop boxes. But that is not all; store different sizes of funko pop boxes separately and label them clearly for optimum storage ease.

Once upon a time, a funko collector kept his rarest collection in a humid basement. Unfortunately, due to poor storage conditions, most of his valued possessions ended up ruined.

Therefore he lost money and valuable memories that he could have avoided if he had been more meticulous about proper Funco pop box packaging/storage by following best practices regularly.

Protect your precious Funko Pop boxes like your life depends on them- because to collectors, it just might.

How to Store Funko Pop Boxes to Avoid Damage

To ensure the longevity and safety of your Funko Pop boxes, it’s crucial to store them correctly. Let’s explore some tips for proper Funko Pop Box storage that can help you avoid damage.

  1. Store your Funko Pop boxes in a dry and temperature-controlled environment to avoid potential harm.
  2. Keep them out of direct sunlight or areas where they might get wet, like near windows or water sources.
  3. Ensure that the boxes stay horizontal while shelved or stacked, and don’t put heavy objects on them.
  4. Invest in a plastic container with a lid to create an additional barrier against moisture and dust.

It’s worth noting that proper Funko Pop box storage can not only prevent damage but also ensure their value holds over time.

Pro Tip: Label each box with its figure name/number for easy retrieval and organization.

Five Facts About A Funko Pop Box:

  • ✅ Funko Pop boxes are usually 4.5 inches wide, 6.25 inches tall, and 3.5 inches deep. (Source: Funko)
  • ✅ Some special edition or oversized Funko Pops may have larger boxes. (Source: BoxLunch)
  • ✅ The boxes are sturdy cardboard and feature colorful designs related to the character or franchise. (Source: Pop Price Guide)
  • ✅ The boxes are designed to protect the Funko Pop figure inside during shipping and storage. (Source: The Nerdy)
  • ✅ Many collectors display their Funko Pops in their boxes to keep them pristine. (Source: Screen Rant)

FAQs about A Funko Pop Box

How Big is a Funko Pop Box?

A Funko Pop box measures approximately 3.75 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall, and 6.25 inches deep.

Can the Funko Pop Box be opened without damaging it?

Yes, the Funko Pop box can be opened without damaging it. The box is designed to be opened and resealed without damaging or altering the packaging.

What material is the Funko Pop Box made of?

The Funko Pop box is made of a sturdy, high-quality cardboard material designed to protect the Pop figure inside from damage.

What is the weight of a Funko Pop Box?

The weight of a Funko Pop box varies depending on the size and weight of the Pop figure inside. However, on average, a Pop box weighs approximately 0.15-0.2 pounds.

What is the purpose of the plastic window in the Funko Pop Box?

The plastic window in the Funko Pop box is designed to showcase the Pop figure inside while protecting it from dust, dirt, and other potential damage.

Can the Funko Pop Box be recycled?

Yes, the Funko Pop box can be recycled. The box is made of recyclable cardboard that can be placed in your local recycling bin.

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