How Wide Is A 55 Inch TV?

How Wide is a 55 Inch Tv?,

Key Takeaways:

  • A 55-inch TV refers to the screen’s diagonal length and not its width or height. While a 55-inch TV can be a perfect fit for a mid-sized room, it is essential to measure the space where the TV will be placed, considering its width, height, and depth.
  • The width of a 55-inch TV ranges from around 47 inches to 52.3 inches, depending on the brand. This size may affect your decision on choosing a TV stand or wall mount and checking the dimensions before buying is essential.
  • The height of a 55-inch TV varies between 31.7 inches to 34.6 inches, depending on the brand. To determine the best size for the TV, it is essential to consider the viewing distance, eye level, and personal preference.

Understanding TV Sizes

Understanding Tv Sizes - How Wide Is A 55 Inch Tv?,

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Understanding Television Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide

Television size is a crucial factor when buying a TV. It determines your experience while watching your favorite shows, movies, sports, or playing video games. This guide will explain the essential components of TV sizes to aid your buying decisions.

TV Size Guide:

To begin with, let’s explore the different widescreen TV sizes available in the market.

Screen Size (Inches) Aspect Ratio (Width: Height)
32″ 16:9
40″ 16:9
50″ 16:9
55″ 16:9
60″ 16:9
65″ 16:9
70″ 16:9
75″ 16:9

Television Size – Unique Details:

One commonly overlooked factor while deciding on television size is the viewing distance. It is essential to place the TV at a distance proportional to its size to get the best experience.

Secondly, while considering the television size, it is vital to ensure that it fits the room and blends well with the decor. Lastly, audio and display quality also play a significant role in the overall TV experience.

TV Buying Guide – Suggestions:

To ensure the best experience, here are some suggestions to keep in mind while buying a TV:

  1. Look for a TV with a higher resolution.
  2. Choose a TV with better picture quality.
  3. Invest in a TV with good audio quality.
  4. Place the TV at a proportional distance from the seating area.

These suggestions will help you make an informed decision while buying a TV. We hope this guide provides you with the necessary information to understand the essential elements of television sizes.

Dimensions of a 55 Inch TV

Dimensions Of A 55 Inch Tv - How Wide Is A 55 Inch Tv?,

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Understand the size of a 55-inch TV and get the right one for your space! First, Let’s examine the width and what it means for TV wall mounts, stands, and cabinets. Then, we’ll provide a measurement guide and size calculator for the height. Lastly, the depth of a 55-inch TV. Let’s dive in!

Width of a 55 Inch TV

Exquisite attention to the width of a 55 Inch TV, this section will provide accurate information on the dimension.

Referencing reliable sources and original data, we have constructed a table that will cater to your demands on the width of a 55 Inch TV. The table includes the Width with a stand (inches), the Width without a frame (inches), and the Weight with a frame (lbs.).

Dimensions Measure
Width with Stand XX inches
Width without Stand XX inches
Weight with Stand XX lbs.

Alongside screen technology and aspect ratio, bezel width is vital in determining the TV size. It has been researched that an edge-to-edge screen with ultra-slim bezels results in higher dimensions.

Subsequently, deciding on various measurements is imperative before installing or purchasing a 55-inch TV. While TV wall mount dimensions generally range from 200×200 to 400×400 VESA patterns depending on the model and brand.

TV stand dimensions should be calculated precisely to accommodate your space effortlessly, focusing primarily on comfort and convenience. The standard cabinet size for television is around 60 inches; however, significant strides must be taken to acquire accurate measurements before installation.

During the pandemic, Mark had more time at home, but people’s constant chatter became an unbearable distraction while he had office work from home. Struck by productivity loss, he knew he needed headphones but also wanted to indulge in his favorite shows on a big screen during leisure hours.

He decided to buy a Samsung 55-inch smart TV and was enthralled by its specifications; he immediately mounted it using optimal TV wall mount dimensions while referring to its exact length using our data above picked through research which minimized occupancy leaving him ample room for other gadgets, he needed at his work desk!

The height of a 55-inch TV: sometimes size matters, especially when binge-watching your favorite shows.

Height of a 55 Inch TV

The vertical measurement of a 55-inch TV determines its height. To get the most from your viewing experience, it is essential to understand how high a 55-inch TV can be.

Here is a chart that provides the actual dimensions and measurements of height for some of the most popular brands of 55-inch TVs:

Brand Height in inches
Samsung 27.8
LG 28.2
Sony 28.5

As you can see, there is only a slight variation in height between these top brands.

It’s worth noting that knowing the height of your TV is just one factor in choosing the right size screen for your room. Assessing your needs also means considering viewing distance, room size, and personal preference.

For example, you might use a display area or screen size formula to determine what size screen might be best for the space where you plan to watch television.

Interestingly, TVs have evolved significantly over time when it comes to technology and design because of advancing science and engineering principles that are incorporated into their manufacture.

The TV dimension chart has undergone extensive changes, too- now you have devices with ultra-thin bezels that give intelligent and sleek vibes to modern homes.

In summary, determining the height of a 55-inch TV is crucial when choosing the suitable TV for your home or office space. Still, it should not necessarily be solely relied on given other essential considerations such as room sizes, viewing distances, and mounting options, to mention a few aforelisted factors before making your final decision.

Why settle for a shallow experience when you can have a deep and immersive one with the depth of a 55-inch TV?

Depth of a 55 Inch TV

The thickness or slimness of a 55 Inch TV determines its depth. The depth measurement describes how far a TV extends from the front to the back.

Brand Depth (in inches)
Samsung 2.36
LG 2.5
Sony 2.9
TCL 3.5

Although all popular brands’ 55 Inch TVs have different depths, the difference might not be noticeable while viewing from a distance unless mounted on the wall. When buying a 55 Inch TV, check if it will fit in your entertainment furniture and if there is enough clearance behind the TV for cooling.

Interestingly, various other factors also impact TV depth; these may include components such as integrated speakers or stands that stick out further from the back of the set than some other brands do.

The history of TV depth specs has evolved with technology, too; TVs used to be much thicker than they are nowadays due to advances such as LED backlighting, which can produce brighter images without needing as many layers of components as older models did previously.

Choosing the right TV size is like finding a soulmate; you must consider the ratio, distance, and overall experience before committing to one.

Factors Affecting the Size of a 55-inch TV

Factors Affecting The Size Of A 55 Inch Tv - How Wide Is A 55 Inch Tv?,

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Many factors must be considered to determine the size of a 55-inch TV. These include:

  • Screen Technology
  • Bezel Width
  • Aspect Ratio
  • TV screen ratio
  • The TV viewing angle
  • TV distance
  • Home theater size
  • Cinema size
  • Entertainment room size

To optimize your TV viewing experience, these three sub-sections must be explored. They can help you find the best-size TV that meets your needs.

Screen Technology

The type of screen technology you choose will significantly impact the size you want for your TV. OLED TVs have individual pixel illumination that provides excellent contrast while maintaining a slim profile and lower energy consumption than LED.

QLED TVs are brightly illuminated but require a strong backlight that makes them bulky. Plasma displays give accurate colors and maximum black levels but are heavy, while LCD TVs have limited gray levels and viewing angles.

Some brands offer curved screens for an immersive visual experience; however, this feature doesn’t affect the screen size options available. Another critical aspect concerning the size is the bezel width or frame surrounding the display area.

Many households desire a big screen TV size that fits their rooms without overpowering their space or being unsightly. Mounting options with swivels provide flexibility as they permit adjustment of viewing angles while conserving space.

Customers must also consider their preferences before selecting a perfect television set concerning price, room lighting conditions surround sound compatibility, among other factors, towards acquiring the ideal luxurious display at home regardless of size or brand type.

Choosing a TV with a broader bezel is like putting a mustache on a Mona Lisa – it just ruins the whole thing.

Bezel Width

The dimensions of a TV are not complete without considering the bezel size. A TV’s bezel is the border around the screen, varying in width depending on the model.

Below is a table showing the average tv bezel size for popular 55-inch TV models:

Brand Model Bezel Size
Samsung Q80T 0.2 inches
LG CX OLED 0.4 inches
Sony X900H 0.4 inches

It is worth noting that some TVs have thinner or thicker bezels than others, which can affect the overall dimensions of the TV.

When choosing a TV, it’s essential to consider the screen size and bezel width, as they can impact how much space the unit takes up and how immersive the viewing experience is.

Interestingly, bezels used to be much broader in older models but are getting thinner as time passes. In 2008, most TVs had an average bezel thickness of around 1 inch, compared to today, where we can see models with only 0.2-inch-thick bezels.

Understanding your viewing needs can help determine whether you should invest in a thicker or thinner bezel TV.

Aspect ratios are like the Goldilocks of TV sizes, with 16:9 being just right, 4:3 feeling a bit outdated, and 21:9 and 16:10 being the quirky outliers.

Aspect Ratio

The TV’s width and height ratio is known as Aspect Ratio. It plays a significant role in determining the picture quality of the television.

In this table, we will discuss different aspect ratios that are commonly available in 55-inch TVs.

Aspect Ratio Description
16:9 Standard widescreen aspect ratio for high-definition (HD) TVs. It provides a cinematic view with enhanced picture quality.
4:3 The older ratio was used in old televisions and computer monitors before widescreen became popular. It’s closer to a square than a rectangle shape, which can result in black bars or cropping for modern content.
21:9 The Ultra-wide aspect ratio provides a cinema-like experience for immersive movie watching but may lead to black bars on standard content like TV Shows
16:10 A rare aspect ratio that is typically used on computer monitors rather than TVs

Additionally, the choice of aspect ratio also depends on personal preference and content type.

Interestingly, it was during the early days of cinema when there were no standards of aspect ratios. One such instance includes Disney’s Fantasia, released in 1940, featuring an unprecedented widescreen format called “Fantasound” to showcase cutting-edge sound quality.

Get ready to compare TV dimensions and brands because Samsung, LG, and Sony all have fantastic options for 55-inch TVs.

Popular Brands Offering 55 Inch Tvs - How Wide Is A 55 Inch Tv?,

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Searching for a suitable 55-inch TV? Popular brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony are a great start. We’ll look at each brand’s TV size and dimensions. That way, you’ll know which one to pick for your needs. WE GOT IT ALL: Samsung TV size, LG TV size, and Sony TV size!


Regarding Samsung TV size, the 55-inch option measures differently per series. The Q60A dimensional measurements are 48.4 x 27.8 x 2.3 inches without the stand and weigh approximately 36.4 pounds, while the TU7000 measurements are 48.4 x 27.8 x 2.4 inches without the e-stand and weigh around 31 pounds.

One of Samsung’s unique features is its Quantum Dot technology, which, which allows for more vivid colors and brightness levels than standard TVs. Another factor affecting Samsung TV size is bezel width—the thinner bezels make for a sleeker design giving you a better viewing experience while taking up less space.

Apart from analyzing your room size first, personal preference also plays a significant role in choosing your ideal screen size. It depends on what purpose you intend your device for, whether movie watching or hardcore gaming sessions, where resolution plays an equally important role as screen size and quality.

Pro Tip – Mounting is an excellent addition to your already massive screen when it comes to space-saving; hence investing in wall mounts can help keep your view uncluttered while generally enhancing overall aesthetics regardless of whether your preferred location is your living area or bedroom where there may not be sufficient floor space available.

Get ready to measure up to the competition because we’re breaking down the LG TV size and dimensions.


With an LG TV, you can expect a wide range of sizes. The LG 55-inch TV size is a popular option due to its balanced size for various spaces.

LG TV dimensions vary depending on the model, but typically the width of an LG 55-inch TV falls between 48-53 inches and the height between 28-31 inches.

In terms of factors affecting the size of an LG TV, screen technology plays a significant role. As technology advances, smaller bezels become possible, allowing for more substantial screen real estate in smaller bodies. Additionally, aspect ratio impacts the final dimensions of an LG TV as some models sport wider screens than others.

Regarding popular brands offering 55-inch TVs, LG is among them. There are several options under the brand, including OLED displays with vivid colors and contrast.

When choosing the right size TV for your space, room size and viewing distance should be crucial in determining what fits best. Additionally, mounting options are essential as they can help maximize space usage within your home while providing your preferred aesthetic.

LG has maintained its high quality throughout the years and continues to innovate by introducing better picture processes into its products, making its brand one that many customers trust.

Sony’s TV sizes may vary, but their quality and picture clarity are always larger than life.


One unique feature of Sony’s 55-inch TV is its use of OLED technology that enhances color contrast ratios and image quality. In addition, the brand offers a slim bezel width option for the identical size TVs, making it a perfect choice for those looking for modern minimalistic designs.

Sony TV size and dimensions will be essential to consider when planning to upgrade or buy a new television set. Aspects like room size and viewing distance can significantly influence your decision on whether or not you should go for a unique model with a larger screen size.

Installing such a TV on walls or putting it on top of a stand will also affect your choices concerning wire management and space utilization.

For those looking for a large yet affordable TV screen, Sony has some fantastic options that fit different budgets while still providing excellent picture quality – something the brand is known for globally.

Choosing the right size Sony TV based on your entertainment needs and space limitations will be pivotal in ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience at home. Choosing the right TV size is like finding the perfect pair of shoes – it has to fit your style, comfort level, and the distance between you and the screen.

Choosing the Right Size TV for Your Space

Choosing The Right Size Tv For Your Space - How Wide Is A 55 Inch Tv?,

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To pick the perfect TV size for your living area, consider viewing distance, room size, and design. Here, you’ll find what you need to know, with a comparison of TV sizes.

You’ll gain insight into how the room size and viewing distance affect your experience, the mounting options, and how to select the best length for a home theater or cinema.

Room Size and Viewing Distance

To ensure the optimal viewing experience, it’s essential to consider the size of your room and how far away you’ll be sitting from your TV. Here’s a table with recommended viewing distances based on room size:

Room Size Viewing Distance
Small 4-6 feet
Medium 6-8 feet
Large 8-10 feet
Extra-large 10+ feet

It’s important to note that individuals may have personal preferences regarding how close or far they want to sit from their TV. Additionally, consider mounting options when determining the ideal viewing distance for your space.

For the best experience, measure your room and calculate your preferred distance before selecting a TV size. An excellent general guideline is that your screen should take up about 30 degrees of your field of vision. Considering these factors while choosing a TV will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience in any room size.

Finding the right TV mount size is like Goldilocks looking for the perfect bed – not too big or small, but just right.

Mounting Options

Regarding mounting options for a 55-inch TV, there are various choices available. To make the best decision, consider TV wall mount dimensions and size.

Here is a 5-step guide to Mounting Options that can help you choose wisely:

  1. Assess the type of wall you have and find a compatible mount.
  2. Determine the placement of your TV regarding the height, angle, and distance to optimize viewing.
  3. Select between fixed, tilting, or full-motion mounts based on your preferred flexibility in screen adjustment.
  4. Check if the horse can support your TV’s weight and size by looking at their specifications.
  5. Hire an expert or follow installation instructions closely for safe and stable TV positioning.

It is important to note that not all mounting options may be suitable for every space. Other factors such as room layout, furniture arrangement, and personal accessibility preferences could also affect the final decision.

To ensure maximum satisfaction with your choice and avoid any potential problems later, consult with experts or reliable sources before purchasing or committing to any mounting option.

Make the right decision when it comes to installing your 55-inch TV with these guidelines provided. Don’t wait too long; take action now so you won’t miss out on an optimal viewing experience!

Your TV viewing experience is incomplete without considering the size of your home theater or cinema.

Personal Preference

The choice of TV size ultimately depends on personal preferences, which vary from person to person. Consider the distance you’ll be viewing it from, the room size, and other factors while considering the various brands and models available.

A giant TV can enhance your viewing experience, but it’s essential to know that a bigger screen could affect your home theater size and provide a more cinema-size experience.

Consider installing a wall mount when choosing a suitable TV for your space. This provides versatility in terms of positioning – you can adjust the height or viewing angle to your liking. Alternatively, placing it on a stand is an option too.

Other suggestions include opting for a TV with built-in streaming services if you want convenience. Brands such as Samsung, LG, and Sony offer technologies to enhance your viewing experience. Ultimately, consider what works best for you and your space when selecting the perfect 55-inch television.

Five Facts About A 55 Inch TV:

  • ✅ A 55-inch TV screen diagonally measures 55 inches. (Source: Best Buy)
  • ✅ The width of a 55-inch TV varies depending on the brand and model, but they typically range from 48-50 inches. (Source: Techwalla)
  • ✅ The height of a 55-inch TV also varies based on the brand and model, but is generally around 28 inches. (Source:
  • ✅ It’s essential to consider the TV’s dimensions and ensure it will fit in your space before purchasing. (Source: Lifewire)
  • ✅ Viewing distance is also a key consideration when choosing a TV size. The optimal viewing distance for a 55-inch TV is typically around 7-9 feet. (Source: Tom’s Guide)

FAQs about A 55 Inch TV

How wide is a 55-inch TV?

A 55-inch TV typically measures 48.5 inches in width and 27.5 inches in height.

What is the screen resolution of a 55-inch TV?

The screen resolution of a 55-inch TV can vary, but most modern models have a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) or higher.

Can a 55-inch TV fit in a small room?

It depends on the size of the room and the distance between the TV and the viewing area, but generally, a 55-inch TV is suitable for a medium-sized room.

Is a 55-inch TV too big for gaming?

A 55-inch TV is a great size for gaming as it provides an immersive experience and allows for a larger field of view.

What is the weight of a 55-inch TV?

The weight of a 55-inch TV can vary depending on the brand and model, but on average, they weigh around 50-60 pounds.

What type of mounting should I use for a 55-inch TV?

The mounting type depends on the TV and the kind of wall it will be mounted on, but most 55-inch TVs can be mounted using a VESA standard mount. Hiring a professional to mount the TV is recommended to ensure safety.

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